On behalf of the Irish Cultural Society of the Pacific Northwest, welcome to the web site for the Sean-nós NW Festival and the Féile Portland Weekend of Irish Language and Culture!  We've expanded our offerings and are now sponsoring workshops in both Olympia AND Portland!  We hope you will join us for both!  We're trying to offer a variety of topics to keep things fresh and interesting. 


Sean-nós Dance Classes in Olympia are on summer break!

We're on summer break!  But this fall ICSPNW will return to offering beginner-level sean-nós dance classes in Olympia.  Bring a water bottle, notepad, and your dancing shoes and join us for beginning sean-nós lessons!  There is no tuition cost, but we do ask you to contribute towards to cost of the room rental if you can do so.  (Any donations received in excess of the weekly room rental fee will be put towards future rental costs and other ICSPNW costs.)

Beginners can join us at any time.  To learn more about the sean-nós tradition, check out our "About Sean-nós" page from the menu above.

Attire:  Comfortable clothes that allow you to move.  Jeans are totally appropriate.  Just be aware that the space is not air conditioned, so keep that in mind when choosing clothing!

Shoes:  Beginners don't need to worry about dedicated dance shoes. The best sean-nós shoes are men's leather dress shoes, so that pair of wingtips gathering dust in the closet is exactly what you need.  You can sometimes find then at second-hand stores also.  For good pictures of what makes for good sean-nós shoes, check out the blog at https://irishbliss.wordpress.com/irish-dance-shoes/.  Serious dancers who want to get dedicated new shoes should look for something similar to http://www.irish-danceshoes.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3


Location:  Abigail Stuart House, 1002 Washington St SE, Olympia, 98501 (between Union Street and 10th in the historic blue building).  Dance room is upstairs.

Time:  6-7 pm, Monday evenings -- SUBJECT TO CHANGE FOR FALL

Cost:  Donation towards class expenses (Please come even if you can't afford a donation!)




Sean-nós Northwest Festival

April 8-9, 2017

The Evergreen State College, Olympia

More details to follow